Smart Cities Council Global Resiliency Network

Thu, 2019-09-26 18:58 -- Jon DeKeles

The launch of the Smart Cities Council Global Resiliency Network accelerates the world's transition to smart, safe and resilient communities.  GRN provides interactive tools for planning supported by extensive knowledge resources, expert advice and a peer network for knowledge exchange.


The Global Resiliency Network will be “Purpose, Process and Partner Driven.”

  • Purpose is to create resilient communities ‘now’
  • Process is measurable and accountable
  • Partners because we are in this together

 ‘Proposed’ Global Resiliency Network Working Methodology





Rebuild based on local needs

Citizen and stakeholder engagement through surveys, webinars and workshops

Affected communities, regional leadership along with nonprofits and utilities.

Design thinking

Rebuild the right thing

Offer proven project planning templates and knowledge resources that can be accessed anywhere in any language.

Online planning tools that provide resources on best practices, standards, solution catalogs and interactive advice.   Provide benchmarks and metrics for analysis.

Lean thinking

Rebuild correctly

Use iterative processes that relate back to community needs all while replicating what has worked elsewhere using sustainable, smart methodologies.

Affected communities

Industry, utilities, academics, standards organizations and most importantly experts in Agile thinking

Agile Thinking

Rebuild quicker

Offer alternative sources of financing that can accelerate phases of planning while lowering risk at the same time.

Philanthropy, insurance and financing entitles. Partner with utilities where possible. Citizen funding considered as an alternative.

‘Business of Changing the World’